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How Shipping with PSST Works
Offers you Free Freight

Looking to grow your business? Pack Separately. Ship Together. combines the resources of contract decorators and SanMar, as an inventory leading apparel and accessories supplier, to create a simplified ordering process—from quality blank to the final decorated product.


When satisfying an order, the promotional products distributor is looking for a simplified solution. So, in a time-starved world they often choose a supplier who offers in-house decoration. Unfortunately, that eliminates the opportunity for greater product selection, depth of inventory and can create decoration inconsistancies to the final product.


When faced with the reality, Pack Separately. Ship Together. offers a real market advantage. The PSST program eliminates the need for bulk ordering. Each purchase order can be placed separately and then strategically consolidated into a daily shipment to your PSST decorator, at no cost to you.

  • This service solution frees you from the hassle of trying to meet our free freight minimum and makes the reconciliation process easier for your accounting team. Both provide valuable incentives that help your bottom line. Plus it creates efficiencies for your decorator by eliminating the time spent separating those bulk orders in order to schedule them for production.


  • Free delivery on all orders.
  • Daily shipping schedule.
  • Every purchase order packaged individually.
  • Exclusive spoilage coverage plan.
  • Reduced restock fees.
  • Discounted spec samples.
  • Single point of contact for every issue.


Whether you’re ready to get started right now with your favorite contract decorator or you need more information about the SanMar PSST program, we want to work with you.